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Salamander Fine Arts operate as dealers, mainly in Drawings and Prints. Its team of experts can also handle Old Master and Modern paintings or indeed any work of art brought to their attention. Between them they have a wide and dependable network of colleagues that they can go to for advice on virtually anything. They can also offer advice on buying and selling at auction or privately, and will undertake appraisal work for insurance or probate purposes. They will be glad to take works of art on consignment, and will be ready to arrange for restoration, matting and framing to be carried out. In all of this their long-standing experience in the art market and on their total discretion can be relied upon. Works can be viewed by appointment in London; visits can be arranged elsewhere.

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Head Office:
8 Grafton Street
London W1S 4EL
United Kingdom
Tel : + 44 (0)207 839 1717
Fax : + 44 (0)207 839 5831
e-mail : contact@salamanderfinearts.com

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François Borne was educated at Lycée Louis Le Grand and the Sorbonne in Paris. As a historian, he held the Antonin Besse Senior Scholarship at Worcester college, Oxford. He joined Christie's, Manson and Wood in 1985. There he trained with Noël Annesley, Deputy Chairman of the Group. In 1994, he was appointed Director and International Head of the Old Master Drawings Department. He was associated with all the important sales starting with the Chatsworth sales, and in succession the Woodner, Holkham Hall, Alfred Normand, Finacor, De Boer, Heinemann, Cailleux, Tully and Roesler sales among others. Of the twelve most expensive drawings selling for over a million dollars on the international auction market in the last twenty years, François Borne wrote the catalogue entries and secured buyers for ten of them. He organized private treaty sales to the British government and was instrumental in the Petit-Hory donation to the Bonnat Museum in Bayonne. His academic training helped him set new standards of scholarship in the auction world. He organized symposia in New York in connection with the Cooper-Hewitt Museum and supported the Salviati symposium at the Italian Cultural Institute in Paris. In 2001 François Borne joined Artemis Fine Arts where he expanded the drawings department greatly. His passion for art extends to bronzes, Limoges enamels and medieval ivories.

Adrian Eeles, after reading history at Oxford, joined Sotheby's Print Department in 1963 and was offered a directorship, aged 27. His principle speciality became Old Master prints, in which area he greatly improved the quality of the cataloguing and the sales results.
In 1976 he joined P.&D. Colnaghi as director of the Print Department and became managing director in 1980. The Colnaghi period, though relatively brief, was a time of consolidation. Relationships with collectors were built up in a way that cannot be done in an auction house, and many of these are still very much in place to this day. In 1982 Adrian Eeles moved to Artemis Fine Arts to set up a new Prints and Drawings Department. He developed relationships with the most important collectors, both private and curatorial, in his field. Over the years he has given advice to many prominent collectors. He has always maintained close relations with the senior curatorial staff in major museums, including the British Museum, the New York Metropolitan, the National Gallery of Art, Washington, the Getty, Chicago, Boston, Cleveland, etc. In terms of personal preference, Adrian Eeles' chosen field is the etchings of Rembrandt. He also has a taste for Italian chiaroscuro woodcuts and prints by Goya. In private life he collects books on or by Marcel Proust and engravings by Rubens. He also collects trees.

Anna Tomaszewska.